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As wealth management strategies change, investors are turning to RIAs for professional expertise that can account for the full picture of their financial objectives. Reliable strategic partners serve an essential role in giving the client confidence that their investment strategy is sound.

Making good loans requires diligence, dedication, and a constant drive to find exciting opportunities in the market. Over the past 15 years, Socotra Capital has proven to be the premier private hard money lender in much of the United States, with a reputation for consistent performance, reliable service, and fast delivery.

We currently manage more than $500 million in assets invested in alternative financing opportunities—and we’re still growing. Socotra Capital seeks to increase its capital base by continuing to grow its RIA network to the broader investment community, family offices, and other high-net-worth investors, which will allow us to continue to be a leader in this strategic lending arena while mitigating concentration risk as we grow our loan portfolio.

Thanks to our long history, we have access to quality deal flow and strategic relationships with other lenders, mortgage brokers, real estate professionals, and other business professionals. This perfectly positions Socotra Capital to take advantage of current credit conditions in the real estate market. 


Investors trust Socotra Capital thanks to our reputation as a direct lender with local roots and a national reach.

Socotra Capital uses simple underwriting principles. The borrower needs to have significant equity in the property and a clear path for exiting our loan. We look for a simple story, an explanation of what has occurred, and how the borrower can make money with our loan. We then gather documents, including tax returns, bank statements, credit reports, and third-party appraisals. It’s important that the documents we receive match the story we have been told. Common investment opportunities include financing fix-and-flip residential projects, stabilizing commercial real estate property, providing funding for a fast close on an escrow, and funding cash-out business needs.


Access Our RIA Portal