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Socotra Capital offers different loan products to fit your unique scenario. Whether you stumble on a hot opportunity or need to bridge a financial gap, we can help you get fast access to cash.

Download our free infographic to learn more about the hard money loan types you can get from Socotra Capital, including:

  • Loan Types Infographic PreviewCommercial bridge loans
  • Commercial bailout loans
  • Fix-and-flip hard money loans
  • Residential rehab loans
  • Private line of credit
  • Cash-out refinance loans
  • Buy and hold hard money loans
  • Distressed property loans
  • Loans for short-term rental properties
  • Loans for foreign real estate investors

This infographic covers a variety of scenarios to help you determine which type of hard money loan is right for you. Complete the form on this page to download the infographic.


Download the Loan Types Infographic